Bird Strikes

Migration is under way.


FLAP Canada’s Annual Bird Display /    2100 birds, recovered by FLAP volunteers, died in window collisions.


I heard that awful thud just the other day.



A juvenile Cardinal hit the window. I grabbed a box and put the hurt bird in. Had no idea the box and cardinal would create such a surreal picture. The bird’s injuries were too severe and it passed very quickly.

I got some info from the FLAP (fatal light awareness program) website regarding what to do when you find a bird.

This is from the website:

If you find a bird on the ground by a building, gently place the bird inside an un-waxed paper bag or a small cardboard box. Handle the bird as little as possible. Make sure that the bag or box is closed. If you’re using a cardboard box, poke a few air holes so the bird can breathe. Use clean tissues or paper towels, rolled into a donut shape, as a perch for the bird to sit upright. Never feed the bird or give it water.

If the bird recovers after one hour, you will hear it fluttering inside the bag or box.

Take the bird to a park, a ravine or another open area far away from windows and buildings. Slowly open the bag or box and let the bird fly out. You have just saved the life of a migratory bird.

If the bird remains unresponsive after one hour, has swollen eyes, a chipped or cracked beak or broken bones, take it to your local wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Now I have to figure out how to fix my windows. It’s going to take more then just one of those clear bird decals.








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